87th IB forced to pull out troops in Calbiga, evacuees return home

After five days of evacuation, militarized residents from fifteen barangays of Calbiga, Samar have already returned to their homes after a successful dialogue with the local government unit, Social Welfare Regional Director Restituto Macuto and representatives from 87th Infantry Battalion headed by their Commanding Officer Lt. Col Arnel Floresca last April 9, Sunday. Two dialogues took place on the said date, one set by Calbiga Mayor Luzviminda Nacario and the other initiated by local peasant group Kapunungan han mga Parag-uma ha Weste han Samar (KAPAWA) and People Surge.


Disregarding militarization

In the first dialogue held at the municipal hall of Calbiga, evacuees, represented by People Surge – Calbiga Chapter Secretary General Lina Tabuyan supported by Samahan han Gudti nga Parag-uma ha Sinirangan Bisayas (SAGUPA – SB) Secretary General Nestor Lebico and People Surge Secretary General Marissa Cabaljao, received a negative response from the panel stating that evacuees should just return to their homes but “setting aside” their issue on militarization.

Lebico pressed that the evacuees, mostly farmers, are demanding for a total pull out of the military troops in the affected barrios, an end of all forms of human rights violations such as harassment, coercion and torture towards the farmers in Calbiga, and payment for the damage to the farmers’ properties and livelihood caused by the government armed troops.

Municipal Social Welfare Development Officer (MSWDO) Eva Ranas and a representative from POC even denounced Cabaljao, Lebico and Tabuyan for the, according to them, worse situation of the evacuees in the basketball court of Calbiga but failed to address the root cause of the evacuation.

It is ironic and uncritical for the members of the panel to feel sympathy for the evacuees and tell us to see the bigger picture, but actually fail to see the actual situation of the farmers that led to this massive evacuation”, Lebico said.

After almost three hours of raising their claims, the members of the panel headed by Mayor Nacario agreed to proceed to the basketball court and persuade the evacuees to return to their homes, giving their representatives a “lesser voice” by, according to Cabaljao, not being able to speak that much.


On red-tagging

Representatives of the evacuees to the closed-door dialogue were harassed by 87th IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col Arnel Floresca by openly connecting them to the red armed group. Floresca told Cabaljao that she cannot deny the connection of the alliance and SEC registered organization People Surge to the New People’s Army.

It is but disgraceful for a military officer in his combat uniform to openly wage a psywar against us”, said Cabaljao.

Floresca even urged the panel to not listen to Cabaljao, Lebico and Tabuyan as the evacuation, according to him, was just orchestrated by the “organizers” themselves. He also said that they are even grateful everytime a mobilization is held because they can read the minds of the NPA leaders.

Persuaded by Floresca, a full-turn of the issue took place by already putting to the three representatives all the blame and even “begging” them to convince the evacuees to just return to their homes as they are the ones who, as they said, organized the evacuation. A POC member even told Cabaljao to talk to the NPA leaders and ask them to leave the communities of Calbiga to finally bring peace to their town. This is contrary to the manifesto of the evacuees saying that it is the Philippine military officials who are waging war in their barrios.

The AFP always resort to red-tagging when people expose their fascist tendencies. It is just disappointing that the people who should take the side of the oppressed masses are the ones who even legitimize the military’s atrocities”, Cabaljao stressed.

We don’t want them in our communities”

Due to discontentment to the result of the first dialogue, Cabaljao initiated an open dialogue with the panel at the basketball court of Calbiga, right in front the 2,357 evacuees. Victims of human rights violations gave their loudest “no” when Cabaljao asked their affirmation if they will return to their communities even with the presence of the military troops.

Residents of barangays Daligan, Sinalangtan, Minata, Caamlongan, Guimbanga, Bulao, San Mauricio, Buluan, Binanggaran, Cambagtic, Hindang, Antol, Biri, Lubang and Literon were forced to evacuate because of fear caused by prolonged military presence in village centers amidst the civilian populace, and for several human rights abuses perpetrated by the Philippine Army, according to local peasant organizations KAPACSA and KAPAWA. The military encampment alone inside their barrios is already a violation to the International Humanitarian Law according to Mannylin Navalez, Spokesperson of Katungod – Western Samar. “They are putting the lives of the people in danger”, said Navales.

Local peasant group KAPACSA cited that (1) barangay tanods are made to guard the military troops in their communities every night, (2) young children are forcibly made to fetch water and gather fire woods for them, (3) operating military troops hide their nameplates and identities and even refuse to give them the name of their Commanding Officer, (4) for any untoward incident that may happen to the military, they will retaliate against the barrio folks and (5) children are being co-opted to become members of the CAFGU. These are just a few of the documented violations of the Philippine Army.

Screenshot from 2017-04-13 12:07:14

Diri kami mabalik ha amon kun diri kamo malugsong! (We will not return to our homes unless you pull out your troops!)”, an evacuee interrupted Floresca while giving a message. Members of the crowd howled as an affirmation to the said statement.

Caught off guard, Floresca asked the barangay captain of Brgy. Cambagtic, the barrio with the most number of military officials in Calbiga, to decide whether or not he agrees to the demand of the evacuees. The barangay captain then gave his affirmation. Floresca, urged by the audience, then said he will command his troops to pull out from their communities immediately that day.

We have once again witnessed the strength of a people united. Today, we just defeated the most fascist of the fascists. But unlike them, we didn’t use guns and bullets. We had our unity to win over them”, said Lebico.

Peace talks’ agreements remain unimplemented

Despite a previous unilateral ceasefire declaration by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte last August 2016, the Philippine Army’s 87th Infantry Battalion Philippine Army (IB) under the 8th Infantry Division (ID) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) did not leave the hinterlands of Calbiga and Pinabacdao.

KAPACSA reported that even after the GRP’s ceasefire declaration in light of the resumption of formal peace negotiations between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front (NDF), more troops were forward deployed to upland barrios. The operating troops started occupying the villages’ dancing halls and activity centers.

Even if the two negotiating parties agreed to strictly comply with the Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CAHRIHL), the Philippine Army continues to violate the guidelines of the agreement. According to SAGUPA – SB, the number of recorded military encampments in Eastern Visayas communities did not decrease even with the ongoing peace negotiations.

We urge the Duterte administration, being the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, to command his troops to respect the people’s human rights, and to comply with the signed agreements of the GRP and NDFP”, Lebico concluded.

Meanwhile, SAGUPA – SB and Katungod – Sinirangan Bisayas pledged to monitor if Floresca will really comply with his words. The two organizations are still receiving negative reports from the residents in Calbiga.

(Photos from Eastern Vista)

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