TACLOBAN CITY – People’s Calvary of hunger and poverty remain in region 8, particularly on those who feed the people, the farmers. These days, their lives and sufferings are being used by politicians who only serve their selfish interests.

This holy week we reflect on the unwavering sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who is our God, for the salvation of humankind. Also, we cannot forget countless extra-judicial killings of progressive individuals who offered their lives to stand for genuine democracy, progress, peace and justice.

“Present government officials do not manifest the true hardship of serving the people, instead they are the ones who worsen our sufferings, especially towards the farmer,” explains Nestor Lebico, Secretary General of SAGUPA-SB.

US-Arroyo Regime maintains the Calvary of the people by covering up corruption of billions, such as on agriculture, which was for the poor farmers. Also, by getting into anomalous projects like the NBN-ZTE deal, by consenting the culture of impunity on the perpetrators of progressive individuals and media men, and worse of these, by GMA insisting to stay in power.

“Despite these worsening sufferings in our society, our farmers will never lose hope because history has proven that those reigning in power have no sympathy for the poor. Also, that what the oppressed needs is to lead and unite to act for genuine change and progressive future,” concludes Lebico.


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