TACLOBAN CITY – On Women’s Day, it is just right for the government to take action and solution on the alarming state of health of Mothers in the Philippines.

Based on the data from the Center for Women Resources (CWR), every two (2) hours there are two (2) deaths due to complications of childbirth in the country.

This shows that at times when mothers are tending their children, these beloved mothers are always at risk because of inadequate or lack of fund for better health services.

“We can only see that our parents are in health condition especially our mothers when the government delivers all necessary social services to Filipino family’s needs” said Jose Tico, Spokesperson of SAGUPA-SB.

Based on the survey conducted, women aspire to have enough food on the table, a job, genuine basic social services, good governance and freedom from abuses of women’s rights.

About 77.61% women in the Philippines have more than one job to sustain their families’ needs. Such women go into selling retail goods after long hours in the farms, even on Sundays.

“These recent surveys just show the lack of justice on the situation of women. Incidents of hunger and poverty are worsening because of prices increases on goods and modern day spending,” added Tico.

Looking back today is the 100th year of the Women’s Day. This day the whole world, the Philippines included, is remembering and recognizing women’s significant role in the history of the people.


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