TACLOBAN CITY – Through their Safety Manager, Mr. Ver Abrugar, NICUA Mining Corporation is trying to deceive the people, particularly the farmers of Brgy. Pongon, MacArthur, Leyte by saying that mining 4 meters deep of soil will not destroy the environment especially on the quality of the land.

With mining, they will dig out some minerals like iron but will also include the vegetation, bacteria, worms and other micro organisms living on the earth, which have the big role of maintaining the fertility of the soil. Such is contrary to Mr. Abrugar’s statement that mining will not affect the quality of the land since they will return the soil from where they excavated it.

“Any million worth of money would never replace the damage brought by mining the 523 hectares of land” said Jose Tico, Spokesperson of SAGUPA-SB

40 million tons of magnetite ore is estimated to be extracted from the said land within almost more than 30 years. This will allegedly amount millions to the social progress of the affected community.

“NICUA Mining’s declaration that there will be rehabilitation of the land, is impossible, especially because they will apply chemical fertilizer on the land. Also, they are mistaken to say that this place is not productive to farmers considering that for decades, they have been living in MacArthur, Leyte,” Tico clarifies.

“There is no responsible mining and social progress when, you deprive bounty from the people, you destroy the environment and drive away farmers from their fields. Rather, those are irresponsible steps for the interests of foreign capitalists,” added Tico.

In retrospect, on February 15, farmers of Brgy. Pongon held a protest led by Fr. Arnold Aurelio, parish priest of MacArthur, Leyte. And today, they had a meeting on mining in MacArthur, with Archbishop Jose Palma of the Archdioceses of Palo.


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