Tacloban City – How many Presidents will be seated before the 13 farmers who died at Mendiola get true justice? This is the big question of peasants sector in Eastern Visayas in commemorating the 23rd Anniversary of Mendiola Massacre on January 22, 2010.

“Land for the Farmers! This is the long time aspiration of the peasant since the Spanish, American and Japanese colonialism and even today, fake freedom for land, justice and oppression is represented and implemented by no other than our own government and the big reason why the farmers has nothing land to till” express Jose Tico, Spokesperson, SAGUPA-SB

In commemorating the 23rd Mendiola Massacre Anniversary, the government proves that they are not serious in solving the real problem of Filipino farmers and its development and progress. The peasant sector is hungry for a long time for land and seeks for the implementation of genuine agrarian reform especially in distributing the land to farmers for free.

“In contrast, landgrabbing was rampant and at present, fighting for land and justice has taken away 561 farmers lives which is perpetrated by armed forces of the Arroyo regime” added Tico

One big example in region-8 was the case in Leyte Saba Basin area in which the DAR-8 has given the task to distribute the 90,000 hectares of land but instead was given to rich and influential landlord like Atty. Ching Veloso.

If we can remember, the march-rally conducted by the farmers in Mendiola last 1987 was initiated because of land reform negligence of the past Marcos dictatorship and until now the Lakbayan for land and justice that started in the far south of Mindanao and North of Luzon is a courageous act for the Arroyo regime to pay.


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