Tacloban City – Atty. Ching Veloso is twisting the history of land occupancy in the tri-boundary of Alang-Alang, San Miguel, Leyte, and Tacloban City. This extreme act of land grabbing is apparent since it is prejudice to terminate the CLOAs given that the farmers’ cooperative is not registered? And is it appropriate that Atty. Ching Veloso be given the right over this land that should be distributed by DAR to the farmers?

“Decades passed by, from American period until Japanese tyranny, we started cultivating the said land but because of the domination and manipulation by influential individual, we are being ejected from the land we till. This is our plates that have taken from us as a result we are hungry since we have nothing to eat. They take the land which is the source of our life.” said Erlinda Bermudo, Task Force Leyte Saba spokesperson.

DAR knows that the land nurtured by the farmers were not located in Palo, Leyte, contrary to what Atty. Veloso had been allegedly said. One question being highlighted by the farmers: In order to receive benefits from CARP does an individual need to register in the town or barangay regardless how long they have been cultivating the land?

“Landgrabbing in Leyte Saba Basin area was one of the major examples that CARP is futile and conspiracy between big landlords and concerned government agencies in order to deceive and eject the poor farmers” expose Jose Tico, Spokesperson SAGUPA-SB.

If we can remember, one major issue being pressed by the on-going LAKBAYAN is the issue on mass land grabbing commenced by Atty. Veloso. This undertaking is intended to seek justice wherein major effect of landgrabbing are extreme hunger and depth poverty of poor farmers especially in Leyte Saba Basin because they had no lands at all to till as main source of their food everyday.


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