Tacloban City – Twenty three years (23) have passed after the brutal killings of PNP and Military personnel in Mendiola to the 13 farmers who demand for genuine land reform and yet no justice has been served for the victims until today. It is no different in Eastern Visayas region having 117 extra judicial killings perpetuated by the Arroyo regime and continues to be forgotten as LAKBAYAN geared towards Malakañyang.

“Ironically top military officials of the region always say that the insurgency in the region has been lowered to inconsequential level yet almost the entire region is militarized, it only shows that civilians are more than the target of this massive operations” lamented Jose Tico, Spokesperson of SAGUPA-SB.

Last Thursday PNP and Military personnel carrying M60 machinegun harassed the ongoing LAKBAYAN for Land and Justice in Samar province while in route to Calbayog City as the West and Central Visayas delegates waited for a torched parade in the city.

Recently fascist solution to the discontent, massive hunger and poverty among the people of the region take place when 86 families in remote village of Basey, Samar evacuated because of military bombings and burning of their hard earned palay and other belongings just days before the Christmas Eve of 2009.

“Millions of pesos has taken away from us by this massive militarization and much more painful is the killing of one of us to suppress our rights and discontent like what happened to Fr. Lucero of Northern Samar and Romulo Mendova of Basey, Samar” ended Tico.


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